Exploring Alpha

After attending Church regularly for a few weeks, and feeling as though God was trying to tell me something, I decided I really should find out more.  But where does one go about finding out more??  I had no clue…and God knew it.  That very next Sunday it was announced they were going to put on another Alpha Course in a few weeks and the sign up table was in the lobby.  This course would be covering “the basics.”

“Ok God, I’m listening,” I thought.  After the service was done I stepped into the hall and signed up for Alpha…My first Bible Study, and I was going alone!  Oh the nerves!!

At my Church, we are lucky enough to have our Pastors lead the Alpha Course, however the weekly lessons are available on YouTube.  I think it is worth it to find a local Alpha Course.  Being able to discuss your thoughts and questions with fellow Christians in a small group setting is what it’s all about.

After week 3 ended, I was hooked, God had once again pointed me in the right direction.  Small Groups are not nearly as scary as they sound, it really will be a rewarding experience!  Since I completed my Alpha Course last fall, I have participated in 3 Church sponsored bible studies.  I am also taking the time to explore some studies on my own.

Please check out the Alpha Course information, and find one near you.  I will be attending my Church sponsored Alpha Course again in the fall of 2013.  I challenge you to do the same.


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